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Tired of the limitations of sublimation printing with no white ink?

Say hello to the future with DTF Toronto's premium DTF ink and game-changing sublimation powder! Our ink is designed to work seamlessly with your sublimation printers, even without white, while our powder allows you to print on film and transfer vibrant colors onto any light-colored garment. Imagine being able to offer your customers high-quality, vibrant prints on any color garment they desire. DTF Toronto's DTF ink and sublimation powder are easy to use and will elevate your sublimation printing game to a whole new level. The process is simple - drain your sublimation ink, fill with DTF ink, run the head clean a couple of times, and start printing on film. Then, apply the sublimation powder and transfer onto your garment. It's that easy! Don't wait any longer to offer your customers the best in sublimation printing - try DTF Toronto's premium DTF ink and game-changing sublimation powder today!

1KG per pack


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