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1. Special Order and Final Sale

Customers acknowledge and agree that all purchases from Canadian Sports Apparel / DTF Toronto are classified as "Special Order" or "You Buy, We Build It." All machine purchases are considered final sales, and we DO NOT accept returns, exchanges, or refunds.

2. Warranty

The machine is covered by a "1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY" for electronic components, including the mainboard, carriage board, mainboard power supply, x-axis motor, and y-axis motor. This warranty addresses manufacturer defects exclusively and does not encompass physical damage, such as liquid damage, fire, overheating, cracks, or missing parts.

Customers/Buyers are responsible for shipping warranty parts to our warehouse at their own expense. Additionally, customers are accountable for installing replacement parts into the machine. We disclaim any liability for any damage incurred during installation or shipping.

Parts that come into contact with ink and moving components are considered consumables due to normal wear and tear. These include printheads, printhead cables, data cables, Ethernet cables, belts, bearings, capping stations, ink tanks, ink tubes, and filters.

3. Service Warranty

The machine includes a one-year free labor cost for repairs at our repair facility. Customers are responsible for shipping the machine to us.

4. Support and Service

Support will extend for the machine's lifetime if the customer continues purchasing our supplies, such as inks, film, powder, cleaning materials, etc. In the event the customer switches suppliers for consumables, we will cease to provide free support and service. The customer will be liable for labor and technical support fees at the prevailing rates. Color adjustment services will be provided upon request.

5. Trainings

Customers acknowledge and understand that our company provides training at our facility or through online training via calls or video calls. Training will last up to 40 hours, with no specific time constraints, to ensure customers/operators are proficient in operating the machine. Customers may contact us during office hours or schedule appointments for non-office hours.

Customers must have time for the training as running the machine is not simply a click-and-go process; there is a learning curve. We emphasize the importance of patience and good understanding skills during training. Our company takes pride in offering intensive training to ensure your success. While other companies may assume that customers know how to operate the machine upon purchase, we provide comprehensive training because we value long-term business relationships.

Training Summary:

Photoshop: Customers must have Photoshop installed on their computer for this training, as we do not provide a copy or license. Photoshop training includes creating a new canvas, importing image files, image inspection, image quality, resolutions, sizing, color modes, gangsheets, spot channels, and saving files in the right format (up to 1 hour, free of charge).

Raster Image Processor (RIP) Software: We provide training on recommended RIP software that comes with the machine. If customers choose to use their own or different software, they need to contact the respective software provider for assistance.

Software Activation:

Customers can activate the software under their account. It is essential to save account details and security passwords. In the event of issues like incorrect login information or computer problems, we cannot retrieve the license. Each license is for one computer, and additional computers require separate licenses.

RIP Software Training Summary:

Image Inspection (20 mins, free of charge).
Image Sizing or Resizing (20 mins, free of charge).
Spot Color Verification (20 mins, free of charge).
Color Management (20 mins, free of charge).
Basic Color Adjustment (3 hours, free of charge).
Advanced Color Matching (8 hours, free of charge, by appointment).
Control Software Training Summary:

Operations and Descriptions.
Printing Process.
Importing Files.
Nozzle Checks.
Margin Adjustment.
Film Adjustment.
Basic Calibration Adjustment.
Spot Color Check.
Troubleshooting and Solutions.
Dos and Don'ts.
Daily Maintenance.
Preventive Maintenance.

Training Conditions:

We do not tolerate abusive language, yelling, or disrespectful behavior towards our trainers, tech support agents, or instructors during training. The trainer or instructor may end the session if such behavior is observed. Customers are expected to be physically and mentally prepared, patient, and eager to learn during training. The training may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

6. Additional Terms and Notes for Warranties

Equipment must be returned for repair; we will not provide replacement equipment.

We do not offer a loaner printer or any type of machine during the repair and shipping period.

Customers without the original shipping crate can purchase a new crate from us for $600 plus shipping.

Warranty and support are valid only for the original purchaser.

We shall not be held responsible for losses resulting from downtime.

Failure to return warranty-replaced parts within 15 business days will result in billing for the replacement part.

We offer a 10-business day DOA (Defective on Arrival) period. Beyond this period, the customer is responsible for shipping charges as per the warranty agreement.

Customers are responsible for safely returning equipment to us; the warranty does not cover damage during shipping due to inadequate packaging.

Note: These terms and conditions are subject to modification without prior notice. It is the customer's responsibility to review the latest terms and conditions on our website before making a purchase.

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