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  • Introducing our revolutionary cleaning swab for all your printing needs! Are you tired of damaging your equipment with improper cleaning methods? Look no further, as our lint-free and static-free cleaning wipes are the perfect solution!

    Say goodbye to scratching your precious printheads. Many people unknowingly use paper towels and Windex, which can be a killer combo for your equipment. But with our specially designed cleaning swab, you can rest assured that your printheads will be safe and sound.

    These swabs are not only suitable for water-based, solvent, eco-solvent, UV inks, and other oil-based inks, but they also work wonders for DTF (Direct to Film) printing. But don't just stop there! To enhance their performance, pair them with our DTF Toronto Multi-Purpose Liquid "Moisturizer." For UV printing needs, our Uv Xtreme cleaner is the perfect companion.


    Why risk damaging your valuable equipment with subpar cleaning methods? Choose our cleaning swab, the ultimate solution for printhead maintenance. Order yours today and discover the difference - your equipment will thank you!


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