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Supreme HD DTF Printer and Smart Shaker Machine

Elevate your printing capabilities to new heights with the Supreme HD DTF (Direct to Film) Printer, accompanied by the innovative Smart Shaker Machine. This premium duo is designed for professionals who demand excellence, precision, and efficiency in every print.

Supreme HD DTF Printer Features:

  • Full Automation: Experience the convenience of a fully automatic 24” DTF printer, pushing the boundaries of productivity.
  • High-Speed QUAD Epson Printheads: Achieve up to 180 sqft/hr at 7201800 DPI or a remarkable 280 sqft/hr on 4 pass 720720 DPI, thanks to the high-speed dual Epson printheads.
  • Advanced Control Systems: From an electric-controlled pinch roller to sensor-guided film tension and an adjustable white ink circulation system, every feature is designed to ensure seamless printing.
  • Innovative Ink Systems: Includes an ink shaker system, automatic white ink stirrer, heated ink system, and ink filtration system, ensuring your prints are vibrant and durable.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Features such as the emergency stop button, film detection, low ink level, and waste tank alarms enhance both safety and efficiency.
  • Precision Heating and Filtration: Adjustable front and rear film pre-heated system, top and bottom LED lights, and a built-in humidity and temperature meter ensure optimal printing conditions.
  • Supreme HD Control Panel: The pinnacle of control technology, allowing for precise adjustments and monitoring for unmatched print quality.

Smart Shaker Machine Features:

  • Pre-Heating Element: A pre-heating element minimizes or eliminates moisture before powder application, ensuring flawless adhesion and quality.
  • Advanced Powder Management: Equipped with a powder weight sensor unit and dual heat system for fast curing, it delivers perfect powder distribution every time.
  • Vacuum Assist and Conveyor Belt System: Features a vacuum assist film feeding system and a conveyor belt drive feed system for smooth operation.
  • Automatic Tension and Take-Up: The rear automatic film tension system, activated by a position sensor, and a fully automatic gear-driven take-up roll system ensure consistent film tension.
  • Built-In Fumes Extractor: Ensures a safe and clean working environment by efficiently removing fumes during the printing process.
  • Cut and Go Technology: Enhances productivity by streamlining the printing to finishing process, reducing manual labor and time.

Together, the Supreme HD DTF Printer and Smart Shaker Machine represent the very top of the line in their category, offering unmatched speed, precision, and quality for your printing projects. Revolutionize your production with this supreme duo, designed for those who accept nothing less than perfection.