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Elevate your printing capabilities to new heights with our state-of-the-art Direct to Film (DTF) printer, designed for unparalleled performance and versatility.


This comprehensive package not only includes a high-precision DTF printer but also comes bundled with a 13" Supreme HD DTF Powder Shaker/Oven Machine, transforming your printing process with roll-to-roll efficiency — say goodbye to the limitations of printing on sheets.


To ensure you fully leverage the potential of this advanced equipment, we offer comprehensive training opportunities, accessible from our warehouse in Toronto or conveniently online, catering to all our clients' needs.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Epson Printheads: Experience unmatched printing precision and speed, thanks to two high-performance Epson printheads, ideal for creating detailed and vibrant designs on a wide array of fabrics.

  • 13" Printing Width: Enjoy the flexibility of a generous 13-inch printing width, perfect for a variety of projects, from personalized apparel to unique home decor.

  • Five-Color Ink System with White Underbase: Our advanced five-color CMYK+White ink system ensures vivid, full-color prints with a solid white underbase, making it suitable for both light and dark textiles.

  • Versatile Printing Modes: With options for 4Pass, 6Pass, 8Pass, and 12Pass printing, you can easily choose the perfect balance between speed and quality for your specific project needs.

  • White Ink Circulation System: Equipped with a white circulation pump and stirrer, our printer maintains ink consistency and prevents sedimentation, ensuring flawless white ink printing.

  • Advanced Material Handling: Featuring an automatic vacuum system and electronic pinch rollers, our printer guarantees precise and stable prints on various films.

  • Comprehensive Software & Custom ICC Profiles: Comes with sophisticated software for effortless operation, including custom ICC profile creation for accurate color reproduction, capable of printing up to 95% of the color gamut spectrum in both RGB and CMYK modes.

  • Convenience and Safety Features: With an easy carry handle, emergency stop button, and film heating system, our printer is designed for both portability and safety, ensuring a smooth printing process.

  • 13" Supreme HD DTF Powder Shaker/Oven Machine: This package includes a cutting-edge powder shaker/oven machine for seamless roll-to-roll printing, enhancing efficiency