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  • 17"x 325 feet double coated

    Transfer Film DTF Transfer Film (HOT/WARM/COLD PEEL) 

    TRio peel means can peel hot, warm or cold peel.

    Has 3 outcome

    Hot peel  Glossy look

    Warm peel Semi Glossy

    Cold peel Matte

    Instruction and SettingsCuring:


    Easy to put powder (anti-static powder stick on printed area)

    Less time on shaking

    Easy to feed, easy to load on printers, especially on converted rear feed printers that have paper jam issues or loading and feeding issues

    Heat press settings:

     130C-150C 20sec.

    Pressure MID to High

    Peeling temperature

    Hot 80C (Glossy outcome)

    Warm 50C (semi-matte or semi-glossy)

    Cold room temp or 30C (matte)

    Second Press with Teflon 5-10secs

    On large prints always double-check the press temperature if even before pressing large images,

    A laser temperature meter might be helpful...

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