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DTF Film COLD/WARM 13x19"

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  • 13x19"  Transfer Film DTF Transfer Film (warm peel/cold peel)

    DTF Film sheets warm peel 

    DTF Film sheets warm peel/cold peel

    Crafted Glossy texture  (other brands of the film have detecting/feed problems, this film is coated on the glossy side for easy feed)

    Color is brighter/more vibrant than hot peel

    Instruction and Settings


    House oven 125C - 135C / 3mins 

    DTF oven 125C 3mins

    Shaker machine 115C-130C (depend on the speed of the printer/ low speed shake control)

    Heat press settings:

    Cotton 175C to 180C 20-30secs

    Blend 155C to 165C 20-30sec

    Poly 145c to 150c 20-30secs

    Pressure MID to High

    Second Press with Teflon 10secs

    on large prints always double-check the press temp is even before pressing large prints,

    A laser temperature meter might be helpful...

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