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  • Transfer Film DTF Transfer Film (HOT/WARM/COLD PEEL)

    TRio peel means can peel hot, warm or cold peel.

    Has 3 outcome

    Hot peel  Glossy look

    Warm peel Semi Glossy

    Cold peel Matte

    Instruction and SettingsCuring:

    House oven 125C - 135C / 3mins

    DTF oven 125C 3mins

    Shaker machine 115C-130C (depend on the speed of the printer/low-speed shake control)

    Heat press settings:

     130C-150C 20sec.

    Pressure MID to High

    Peeling temperature

    Hot 80C (Glossy outcome)

    Warm 50C (semi-matte or semi-glossy)

    Cold room temp or 30C (matte)

    Second Press with Teflon 5-10secs

    On large prints always double-check the press temperature if even before pressing large prints,

    A laser temperature meter might be helpful...

    This film is the best for businesses that sell DTF transfers

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